Nature Explorers

 Nature Explorers is Conservation Foundation's newly launched program to connect kids to nature and furthers our commitment to youth education and community engagement.  Nature Explorers is for kids grades K - 5, and is free and open to the public. Offering nature-based experiences and citizen-science, Nature Explorers engages kids in using their senses, observing the natural world, appreciating nature and the importance of protecting natural places.

Experiences will vary but all will focus on connecting youth with our area’s natural lands to foster a love of the great outdoors. Heavy emphasis will be placed on the concept of ‘citizen science’ and showing participants how their contributions can help others and help the earth.

Why it Matters

A growing body of research indicates that contact with nature is important for children's cognitive, emotional, social, and educational development. Benefits include increased concentration, greater attention capacities, and higher academic performance. Studies also show that youth demonstrate better motor coordination, reduced stress levels, increased social interaction with adults and other children, and improved social skills as a result of greater activity in nature. 

Environmental Programs Coordinator Sabrina Cummings  and Events & Rental Coordinator Sam Valentin is eager to help bring these opportunities to area youth


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