Urban Forest

Just the Facts

  • 33 acres
  • Conservation Foundation is partnering with VABI (Venice Area Beautification, Inc.) to permanently restore this property
  • Located between the eastern leg of the Venice Waterway Trail and the Seaboard Industrial Park, extending between Venice Avenue and Center Road in the City of Venice.  
  • Public access will be available

Why It Matters

Conservation Foundation is partnering with VABI (Venice Area Beautification, Inc.) to reforest a disused section of the old CSX railroad adjacent to the Venetian Waterway Park. Once completed, the Urban Forest will extend about 1.75 miles and provide a sanctuary for many insects, birds, and animals, and a natural-area park for all to enjoy. Your support is needed now as VABI works to complete the first phase.

The Urban Forest is integral to the City of Venice's urban design introduced by noted American landscape architect John Nolen in 1926.  This greenbelt corridor complements Nolen's design principles based on "nature leading the way." The Urban Forest will stretch from the Venice Train Depot to Center Road and will provide a beautiful woodland trail for pedestrians parallel to the Venetian Waterway Park. All native trees and shrubs are being planted so that the forest provides habitat specifically for migratory songbirds and native wildlife.

Early community partners and in-kind donors include William Jervey, Bill Farnsworth, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, ArtisTree Landscape, Clark Connections, JT Holland, Shipps Excavating, Simply Trees, H&H Signs, Petra Prion Photography, and Lowes. The multi-year project will be completed in phases and Phase One will open to the public once completed.

As of October 2018, more than 400 trees of 32 species and understory plants are in place. The Urban Forest image above is generously provided by acclaimed Venice fine arts painter, Bill Farnsworth. 

VABI has asked Conservation Foundation to partner with them to raise funds from the community and make this vision a reality for the City of Venice.


Need to Know

With your support, you join our conservation community and help save this special property and other wild places, forever.  Donate now to protect the lands we love. 

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