Current Needs

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Those of us who call Florida home and those who visit each year (nearly 100 million in 2014, the fourth consecutive record-setting year) know there is no place like Florida. From our pristine beaches to our scenic vistas to our abundant wildlife, we have inherited an irreplaceable heritage. While growth and development are essential to our future, protection of our critical undeveloped lands is equally necessary. Now is the time for land to be saved in Florida; it is estimated that we have only ten to fifteen years before what remains is lost, forever.

Current Needs

In addition to support for conservation, you can support the following current projects’ funding needs:

Land Protection

At the core of our mission is land conservation. Our staff works years in advance, identifying critical habitat, pristine properties and important corridors, linking up already conserved parcels. Hundreds of hours are invested in researching land ownership and cultivating strategic landowner relationships. Each property requires many layers of due diligence including surveying, mapping and legal work. The larger the property is, the greater the complexity and cost.

Spanish Point Drive Entrance Road Improvement Project

In collaboration with Historic Spanish Point and Sarasota Crew, the project to widen and pave Spanish Point Drive will improve access and increase our visibility on US41. In order to begin the construction, we must first raise the dollars required to complete the project. 

Technology Upgrade

We are in need of computer hardware improvements at our headquarters located at Bay Preserve at Osprey. Funds will be used to replace a failing terminal server and two aging computers, upgrade wireless access and provide for the addition of a notebook for remote digital access.   

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