Ringling Blvd Park

Just the Facts

  • 0.38 acres
  • Land acquired in 2010
  • Neighborhood open space
  • Owned and Managed by Sarasota County
  • Open to the Public

The Story

In 2010, Conservation Foundation assisted Sarasota County in the acquisition of this neighborhood park, through the voter-created Sarasota County Neighborhood Parkland Acquisition Program.

Why It Matters

This small park is an asset to the local residents by providing a site for the community to get together, relax and recreate. Parks and natural areas in our communities provide places to gather, make them more attractive, help increase the value of surrounding lands, and spur economic development and tourism.

Getting There

This open space is located at 2525 Ringling Blvd. in Sarasota, FL.

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