Myakka Island Conservation Corridor

Just the Facts

  • Ambitious goal to save critical properties totaling more than 8,000 acres in the Myakka River watershed
  • Successes:
    • 1,143-acre Triangle Ranch permanently protected in October 2016
    • Conservation Foundation has previously assisted Sarasota County in protecting over 8,000 acres within the watershed
  • Current Opportunities:
    • 5,774-acre Orange Hammock Ranch is critical for City of North Port drinking water supply
    • 543-acre Murphy Marsh is the missing link to reconnecting the Myakka River and the Tatum Sawgrass marsh
  • Future Opportunities:

Need to Know

Conservation Foundation is working to conserve several ranches containing over 8,000 acres that help protect the Myakka River, and connect to and expand the 110,000 acres of conservation lands buffering the river. These working ranchlands contain significant natural areas that are home to abundant wildlife including the gopher tortoise and the roseate spoonbill, and provide an opportunity for the survival of the Florida panther. See our project map.

Triangle Ranch is now protected forever. This happened because of many partners who understood the environmental significance of this property.  This 1,143-acre ranch  protects the Myakka wetlands, the Myakka River's water quality and provides flood protection.  More than 120 species of birds and many, many animals thrive  here. Learn more about Triangle Ranch Conservation Area.

We are now at a critical stage in the effort to permanently protect Orange Hammock Ranch, forever. This 5,774-acre property helps protect North Port's drinking water, reduces flood risk and will provide access to the public for recreation and eco-tourism opportunities. Negotiations are underway with the landowner, and both the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) and Sarasota County are committed to helping fund the purchase of the property, but their funding may not be enough.

Time is running out to get the required funding identified and secure in order to conserve Orange Hammock Ranch. FOREVER. Read a recent editorial in the North Port Sun.

Your voice can help our elected officials stay the course and make this a reality. 

North Port City Commission

Sarasota County Commission

SWFWMD Board of Governors 

Stay tuned! 

More Information

We still need YOU.  Read more about the special qualities of Orange Hammock Ranch and Murphy Marsh.

Your gift now will help us leverage the support from these funders: 

  • The Healthy Watershed Consortium (U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
  • The Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation

Orange Hammock Ranch by Everett Marc Photography 

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