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Wildlife photographer & environmentalist, Mary Lundeberg

Mary Lundeberg spreads her message of conservation and love of nature through her incredible wildlife photography. "I felt like I didn't really understand the environment until I became a photographer." Conservation Foundation hosted Mary's photography exhibit and wildlife lecture last year. Read more about Mary and her world of wildlife photography.

The Herald-Tribune, June 23, 2017



This Farm Cares - 2J Farms LLC

Since 2012, Chuck Johnston and wife Peggy have implemented Best Management Practices (BMPs) on their farm, to protect and preserve the lands their cattle graze on. As a result of this protection and preservation of Floridaís natural resources, 2J Farms was recognized by the County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship. Chuck sits on Conservation Foundationís Board of Advisors. From In The Field magazine (May 2017)

In the Field magazine - May 2017



Giving Moore

Thanks to the generosity of Trustee Elizabeth Moore, the 1,143-acre Triangle Ranch is protected forever. Triangle Ranch is essential to the protection of the Myakka River, its water quality and biodiversity, and our regionís flood protection. Profile appeared in SCENE magazine, November 2016.

SCENE magazine - Nov 2016


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