Where We Work

With your help, we protect lands around the waters of the Myakka River, the Manatee River, Sarasota Bay and Charlotte Harbor. 9,725 acres across 34 properties have been saved because of you and others like you, who care about our lands, waters and way of life. This adds up to more than 15 square miles of lands that provide for all — trails for hiking, kayak landings, historic ranch lands, safe drinking water and bay and river water access for kayaking and fishing. These lands provide for nature too — safe homes for imperiled animals like the gopher tortoise, nesting spots for eagles and osprey, and connective greenways for bobcats and Florida panthers.

Where are we working now? Learn more about Orange Hammock Ranch, Murphy Marsh, Coral Creek Peninsula, Myakka Island Conservation Corridor and Braden River Preserve.

For a complete list of special places protected forever and our current projects, visit Protected Places and Conservation Initiatives. You can also can click on a region of the map below (A - Manatee River, B - Coastal Bays, C - Myakka River, D - Charlotte Harbor)  or a property number to discover many treasured places.

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