Braden River Preserve

Just the Facts

  • 44 acres total, including 11.6 acres to be donated for conservation
  • Conservation Foundation is actively working to conserve this property
  • Braden River, exceptional and significant plant diversity and abundant wildlife
  • Public access is anticipated


Why It Matters

In April 2017, Conservation Foundation began working with Friends of Keep Woods, Inc. to permanently protect 44 acres along the Braden River surrounded by the communities of Braden Woods and River Club. The property is slated for residential development. Neighbors want to see this land preserved and have created Friends of Keep Woods, Inc. in order to spread the word to others and raise the funds to conserve this property forever. 

This oasis of nature is home to many animals in this era of rapidly shrinking habitat. Its a place for you to enjoy pristine nature while walking, hiking or birdwatching; and the land protects precious drinking water supply and improves the quality of our recreational waters. The Braden River, a tributary to the Manatee River, borders the southern property line and contains oxbows and low-lying floodplain forests that are part of a corridor of natural habitat along the river. The property also contains areas of mesic hammocks, scrubby pine flatwoods, and a bay and red maple forested wetland which results in significant plant diversity not normally seen in similar suburban areas. Furthermore, this property contains longleaf pine trees (Pinus palustris), an important southern yellow pine, whose forests are important to wildlife, including 29 listed species such as eastern indigo snake and gopher tortoise.  The longleaf pine has been eliminated from 96 percent of its historic range and is no longer common in this region.

With your help, we will protect this land, forever. 

Need to Know

Help save this environmental oasis, forever.

Conservation Foundation is accepting donations on behalf of Friends of Keep Woods, Inc. to help pay for the costs of purchasing this land. Your contribution will help the effort to protect this place for people to experience and enjoy, for animals to survive and for the health of our water supply.

Almost 12 acres of this natural area will be protected this summer when Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast receives the donation of a perpetual conservation easement on the land. This will ensure that the property, the former home of the late Carl Bergstresser, will remain in its natural condition and limit development to the current homestead area. 

This opens the door to create a natural area park on the 44 acres along the Braden River. Conservation Foundation is in negotiations with the current owner of the remaining 33 acres. We are working with Friends of Keep Woods to raise the necessary purchase dollars from the surrounding community and other supportive people and organizations.  You can make a difference now, before its too late.  

More Information

Learn more at Friends of Keep Woods, Inc.  


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