Coral Creek Peninsula

Just the Facts

  • 58 acres
  • Conservation Foundation is working to permanently conserve this property
  • Located adjacent to Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park Park near Placida, Charlotte County 
  • 1 mile of shoreline along East and West Coral Creeks with mangrove forests and salt marshes that rise to a plateau of pine forests with an understory of scrub oaks and saw palmetto 
  • Public access will be available

Why It Matters

Conservation Foundation has a limited time to purchase the 58-acre Coral Creek Peninsula near Placida in Charlotte County and adjacent to Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park (CHPSP). Its protection will have local and regional benefits. The Coral Creek Peninsula parcel contains natural wetlands and pine forests that are in good, natural, condition, having never been intensively used for any known purpose. With elevations of 9-10 feet above sea level, the property is unusual and is still zoned for multi-family residential development. Protecting Coral Creek from development and ensuring appropriate future stewardship will also enhance the 43,000-acre Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park (CHPSP) which provides a 100+ miles natural buffer of wetlands, mangroves, mud flats, salt marshes and forested uplands along the Charlotte Harbor estuary and helps protect water quality. While the Coral Creek Peninsula is identified as an “essential parcel” remaining for protection, the lack of government funding requires a public fundraising effort to ensure its purchase and protection.

The 58-acre Coral Creek Peninsula is Peninsula is the largest privately-owned parcel within the boundaries Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park where East and West Coral Creeks meet and flow into the Gasparilla Sound and Aquatic Preserve. Saving this peninsula prevents the risk of development which would disturb important fish and wildlife within the state park and surrounding creeks and bays. It will also allow for the removal of the rampantly invasive Melaleuca which is spreading onto the adjoining public lands. 

The peninsula has over a mile of creek frontage along designated Charlotte County blueway trails. The shoreline is surrounded by high-quality, unaltered mangrove forests and salt marshes.  Many listed shorebirds and waterbirds use these coastal wetlands extensively. The "scrubby flatwoods" comprising the majority of the property are uncommon in coastal areas due to development, and provide excellent habitat for Florida wildlife, such as gopher tortoise and eastern indigo snake.  In addition, nearby archeological sites from maritime prehistoric humans along Coral Creek and around nearby Lemon Bay are indicators that this property could also contain such sites. Protecting Coral Creek Peninsula will benefit Charlotte Harbor which is a national treasure and designated an "Outstanding Florida Water.


Need to Know

Charlotte Harbor is one of the largest and most productive bays in Florida. Let's keep it that way. We need your support to purchase this property and protect it, forever. With your gift, you join our conservation community and help save critical natural lands, forever.


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